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What is broadband bonding?

The combination of multiple broadband lines to create a single, high-speed connection.
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Multiple Line Types


Single Connection

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for businesses of any size
  • Increased bandwidth = higher speed
  • Improved reliability
  • Increased productivity
  • Ability to deploy VoIP and Cloud Applications
  • Cost reduction
  • Flexibility – add bandwidth when needed
  • Use existing broadband lines and just add more!
  • Works with and UK broadband provider
  • Combine line types: ADSL / ADSL2 / ADSL2+ / Fibre Broadband / EFM Leased Lines / MPLS / etc.

Increased bandwidth

By adding multiple broadband connections together dramatically improves network performance and the bandwidth available for internet access and site-to-site connectivity.

If we assume a ‘typical’ ADSL broadband line provides 6Mbps in the download direction and 1Mbps in the upload direction, three lines will provide an incredible 18Mps in the download direction and 3Mbps in the upload direction, an improvement of up to 300%.

Our broadband bonding subscription service is available from just £15 + VAT per month per line with initial equipment purchase (see below) and can be used with lines from any ADSL or Fibre Broadband provider.

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Improved Reliability

Sourcing broadband lines from multiple suppliers provides reliability and reiliance, proteting the network from specific ISP related issues. In addition, the use of multiple lines provides resilience in the case of a line failure, as services is maintained by the remaining active lines.

Bandwidth can be scaled by adding more broadband connections. Find out more >

Pricing plans

Subscription Service

Starts at only £17 + VATper line, per month

(Hardware purchase required in Month One)

Hardware purchase in month 1 is required.

For smaller organisation and teleworkers our monthly subscription broadband bonding service is ideal.

Capable of bonding up to eight lines.

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Large Enterprises

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For multi-site branch office and larger organisations we provide a range of routers suitable for between two and twelve broadband connections.

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For a £15/month subscription service hardware is required and there is an initial outlay cost of £300.

Bandwidth costs can be significantly reduced by using low-cost, easily available broadband lines. Internet and office-to-office interconnection speeds can be dramatically improved. Leased lines can be replaced or backed up. Bandwidth can be added ad and when required, easily and cost effectively.