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Boosty 3G / 4G Broadband Backup

Boosty enables you to backup your broadband line using your mobile phones 3G / 4G connection. No more costly and inconvenient downtime!
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Why Boosty?

We all know how frustrating and potentially costly, if a business, the loss of broadband line connection can be.

The Boosty service uses your smartphone’s mobile connection to give you resilience in case of failure of your broadband line.

A small Boosty router is plugged into your Broadband router and the BoostyLink app is installed onto your 3G/4G smartphone. That’s it!

If the line fails, the connection transfers over to the mobile phone 3G/4G connection. You can control which services (a Till but not the Guest WiFi for instance) and how much bandwidth is to be made available so as not to exceed any data cap.

Low cost, peace of mind!

£99 for a starter pack comprising FREE Boosty unit and one years Resilience / Backup service.

Resilience / Back Up  service year two onwards is only £99.

(Ex VAT and Delivery)


How It Works

Boosty uses the mobile telephone 3G / 4G data connection to back up the ‘fixed’ broadband line.

You can control how much mobile data Boosty uses to make sure the services you need continue to run and you that you do not exceed any mobile data allowances.

Businesses and households have multiple smartphones, each with unused mobile data.

Boosty can pool that unused but paid for mobile data to deliver resilience and business continuity.

As long as you have a Broadband Line delivering up to 52Mbps and good mobile reception we should be able to help.


  • Home ADSL Broadband connection of up to 72Mbps in speed.
  • A home ADSL Broadband Wi-Fi router with at least one free Ethernet port.
  • A free USB port on your home ADSL Broadband router or a USB power adapter (not supplied).
  • A compatible* Android or iOS smartphone with good mobile reception (ideally 4G with 2 bar signal or a minimum of 2 bars of 3G).It’ll need to be configured to use your home Wi-Fi router.


*Android 5 (or higher) or Apple iPhone running iOS 8 (or higher)

Boosty 3G / 4G Broadband Bonding