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4G Rural Broadband for Fast Internet Access

4G Rural Broadband offers an exciting alternative to ‘fixed line’ broadband for rural locations and is a cost-effective way of achieving fast Internet access.

Businesses can quickly and easily access high-speed Internet with both WiFi and Ethernet LAN attached devices and are able to deploy ‘Cloud’ and other online services.

High-speed 4G broadband bandwidth can provide ‘primary’ connectivity to the Internet, ‘fail-over’ in the event of a ‘fixed’ broadband line failure or additional bandwidth for specific applications or services.

To best utilise a 4G rural broadband connection it should be combined with a dedicated 4G Router. Our 4G WiFi enabled routers are easy to install and use and offer a range of features to suit businesses of any size.

Multiple SIM’s can be fitted to cater for high-bandwidth applications and services. Where signal strength is low external, optional, high-gain antennas can be used to maximise performance.

4G rural broadband can be used to replace a slow ADSL Broadband Line or provide ‘failover’ in the event of a line failure.

A range of 3G / 4G Routers are available.

Alternatively, multiple ADSL or Fibre Broadband Lines can be combined together to deliver more bandwidth and reliability, please click here for more information.

4G UK Data SIM’s

Monthly Data Allowance and Pricing


O2 Unlimited – £30 per month, rolling 30-day contract


Vodafone Unlimited – £35 per month, rolling 30-day contract


4G Routers with WiFi and Ethernet connectivity available – please enquire




All pricing excludes VAT and Delivery

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